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Studio Family Session | The Dawson Family | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When I set out to create a studio space and I new that there were certain aspects that were essential to creating a space that I could flourish in. One that would help me flourish and inspire me to create beautiful moments for my clients. Large windows filled with soft natural light was a must, soft whites and creams, along with texture and natural wood tones to help the space feel warm and inviting. Every detail in the space is thought out to make the most use of the light and the mood I want to create with my Warm & Cozy style of photography.

This family session was my first family session in my studio and it honestly was beyond my expectations of what I would create in this space. Not only was the family unbelievably adorable, and their little girl was incredibly photogenic and cooperative but everything just jived. The lighting was perfect, the angles were perfect, the connection between the family was perfect. It was a dream session and I can not wait to create more magic like this for more families in my studio!

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