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Family Session | The Gordon Family | Juno Beach, FL

I love how my job can connect me to so many people. New friends, friends through friends, and friends from the past.

Amanda and I have known each other since we were very young. Our families attended the same church in NJ growing up. I'm sure we were in the same Sunday school class at some point in our lives. Fast forward to the high school years and one of my good friends dated her best friend. Fast forward to about 4 years ago and Amanda was doing wedding photography and I was reaching out to her for advice on how to start a photography business. And now she lives in GA with her adorable family but her parents have a house her in PBG, very close to me. When she knew she was coming to visit her family, she reached out asking about a family session on the beach since they recently (4 months ago) became a family of 4.

I of course, was completely flattered and very excited to see an old friend. We thankfully got a break in the rain that evening and had a gorgeous night for a family session on the beach. So again, so very grateful for a job that allows me to keep connecting with new and old friends.

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