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Investing in yourself and your craft is always a good idea.

Learning is endless. In the art of photography there is never just one way to approach a subject, or an image. 

Every photographer has a unique eye for what they are attempting to create and the more you can learn from others, I truly believe you will find YOURSELF and what YOUR unique perspective is. 

Over the past 4 years I've invested in myself by attending in-person workshops, participating in online classes, making connections with other photographers that inspire and push me to better myself and I will continue to for as long as I'm in this business. 


Photography can be a very solo career, or it can be a huge community filled with friends from all over the world that are like minded and share the same passion for creating timeless beautiful images as you. I choose the later, and because of that I'm offering mentorships to meet other like minded photogs like you, help you grow (or start) your business, and hopefully inspire you to find out exactly who YOU are in your photography journey. 

xoxo, Jackie

1:1 Zoom Sit Down

Are you ready to start soaking up everything I've learned over the years of being a Maternity, Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photographer? 

Let's become lifelong friends via Zoom and work on the parts of your business that you want to focus on. 


Can be anything from Newborn Posing Workflow, Family Session Prompts for Authentic Connection, Maternity Session Posing and Angles, Lightroom Editing & Photoshop Tips, How to Curate a Client Closet & Style your Clients, Client Management & Business Best Practice, Starting your Business from the Ground Up. 


We will focus on three of your most important topics.


Sessions are an hour long but our communication will not end there. You can reach out anytime after that with follow up questions or just to chat. I mean we are going to be become lifelong friends after all! 😊


$225 Due to Book, Remaining balance due the day before 


1:1 Shoot & Edit

Are you more of a hands on learner and want to shoot along side me in my studio and then sit down side by side as we edit your images? 

I'll bring in a model family for either a Maternity or Newborn Session in the JLP studio so you can see exactly how I style, pose, and shoot a session.

Then after the session we will sit down together with our computers, chit chat like old friends and I'll walk you through how I would edit the images using all the functionality of Lightroom and a few easy tricks in Photoshop.

Shoot will be an hour long and then we will edit together for an hour, but you can reach out anytime after that with follow up questions or just to chat! 😊

$500 Due to Book, Remaining balance due the day before 


Ready to make a new photog friend while investing in yourself?

*must be located 50 miles or farther from Palm Beach, FL to book a mentorship

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